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The I lov Sprouts Pouch, made with 100% Organic Hemp fabric, is the easiest way to grow optimal, nutrient dense sprouts at home and on the go.


Just by soaking seeds in water overnight, then rinse and hang, and your sprouts start growing. 


Whenever you see that the pouch is dry, just rinse again and the sprouts grow with no fuss. 


The aeration of the fabric, allows the sprouts to drain well, while still keeping the sprouts moist and in a soft, shaded environment to promote optimal growth. The cloth bag keeps your seeds hydrated for longer, which in turn helps them grow, instead of drying out.


The I lov Sprouts Pouch can increase the life span of sprouts while also keeping them crunchy and fresh and can be used for nut milks and food storage.


The greatest thing about this pouch is it is made from Organic Hemp, which has natural mould resisters and antibacterial properties, so perfect for growing sprouts in.



The sprout pouch at the end of its life can easily be composted in your garden or under a fruit tree or used as a bag for store bought vegetables, once it has gone past its best state.


The properties of Hemp are super strong, so these bags will last a lifetime. Some discolouration will occur with use of the pouch, as seeds have natural dye in them which cause the discolouration. 


All our Sprout Pouches come with a 50gm pack of Alfalfa seeds to get you growing straight away. 




I LOV Sprouts Pouch

  • The i LOV Sprouts Pouch is made made from Hemp fabric, which is an absorbent natural fibre which can naturally discolour from seed residue and daily use. This is normal for the Sprout Pouch to go through some changes and change colour. 

    It needs to be cleaned regularly for optimal condition and not sitting next in dirty water or dirty surfaces, to avoid mould growing in the fibres. 

    Please read the cleaning instructions carefully to make the most out of your pouch. It should last up to 10 years, carefully looked after. 


    If there is a manufactoring issue with your pouch, please get in touch so we can help you sort it out

  • Clean in warm/hot water with dishwash detergent in your kitchen sink and rinse thoroughly. Drip dry in full sun. 

    Once in a while give a soak and a rinse in white vinegar to sterilise it. 

    You can also do a hot wash at 40 degress in your wahsing machine. 

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