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  • How does the i LOV Sprouts Pouch work?
    Simply put your choice of seeds in a jar to soak overnight or for the recommended soak time noted. In the morning, pour the seeds into your sprout pouch, rinse and drain by hanging your pouch on a hook outside or over a bowl or the kitchen tap. The sprouts will start to grow now they have been activated! Rinse once or twice a day to maintain optimal growth. When the pouch dries out, its time to rinse again.
  • When will I know when my sprouts are ready to eat?
    Different seeds take different growth times. The larger the seed, the quicker they grow! So smaller seeds take longer to be ready. For example: When your Alfalfa seeds are ready they will be green with open leaves and heading towards the light at the top of your pouch. Chickpeas are ready in a couple of days and can be eaten straight away once soaked overnight.
  • How do I keep my Sprout Pouch clean?
    Rinse your Sprout Pouch on its first use. After your Sprouts have become fully grown, it is best to remove your sprouts from the pouch and place in another container to store in fridge. Turn the pouch inside out, give it a good rinse and wash in hot/warm water with eco dishwash detergent, rinse well then hang to dry in the full sun. Your pouch is now ready to use again to start growing more, while you are eating your first batch of sprouts.
  • What is the difference between sprouting in a Sprout Pouch vs a jar?
    The I LOV Sprout pouch has a huge advantage over sprouting in jars, and that is aeration and drainage. The fabric allows the sprouts to breathe and creates a perfect nest for them to grow, without being damaged by having to tip them upside down constatnly to be drained. They are drained naturally through the fabric and the pouch stays moist for longer, helping with hydration and no condensation.
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