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Many, many ways to eat your Sprouts!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Now that we have made all these sprouts, it's time to eat them!

I am constantly experimenting with sprouts to add the into my daily food, and sometime just eating them by themselves as a little snack is the best way possible.

Lentils, blue pea and chickpeas are great in a small bowl to snack on as you work away on a computer or watching tv.

Here are a few ideas of how we love to eat our sprouts.

Would love to hear how you like to eat your sprouts. So please let us know your favourite ways to add to our ideas page to


Mix into pancake or waffle batter - chia jelly, buckwheat

Blend into fruit shakes or juices - cabbage, broccoli, almond, chia, mung bean, lentil

Blend with vegetable juices - cabbage, mung bean, lentil

Top omelet or scrambled eggs - alfalfa, broccoli, clover, radish

Toast with tahini or peanut butter and alfalfa or red clover sprouts on top


Eat them fresh and uncooked in a sprout salad

Grind up and use in sandwich spreads - Chickpea, almond, lentil, radish

Try in wraps and roll-ups - alfalfa, sunflower, radish with salad, mayo and chutney

Replace celery in sandwich spreads - lentil, radish

Use in sandwiches instead of lettuce - broccoli, cabbage, chia greens, alfalfa, clover, radish

Top grilled cheese sandwiches after grilling - alfalfa, clover


Coleslaw - cabbage, broccoli, clover radish

Potato salad - mung, bean, chickpea, lentil


Mix with soft cheeses for a dip - chickpea, mung bean, radish

Add to sushi - chia green, radish, sunflower

Add them to fritters corn or mussels - sunflower, lentil, linseed


Stir-fry with vegetables - alfalfa, clover, radish, mung bean, lentil, chickpea

Stir into soups or stews when serving - mung bean, chickpea, diced alfalfa, fenugreek, lentil

Or sprinkle on top instead of cheese, great for vegan option.

Use in curry’s after cooking - fenugreek, lentil, chickpea, adzuki

Stir into tomato sauces for taco’s, pasta, nachos - lentil, chickpea, adzuki

Combine in rice dishes - fenugreek, lentil, mung bean

Sauté with onions - mung bean, chickpea, fenugreek, radish

Puree with peas or beans - mung bean, lentil, chickpea

Add to baked beans - lentil, adzuki

Steam and serve with butter - mung bean, fenugreek, chickpea, lentil

All the best with your food ideas and creating living healthy food at home, and growing your own fresh sprouts easily.

Ramona x

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