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Here at I LOV Sprouts, we love helping  people grow their own fresh sprouts easily, with hemp pouches and organic seeds.


Here at I LOV Sprouts, we strive to provide an affordable selection of organic seeds while offering a unique approach to growing sprouts using the I LOV Sprouts Pouch.


The I lov Sprouts Pouch is the easiest way to grow optimal, nutrient dense sprouts, at home or on the go. Designed by Rah Poolman  - nutritionist and health coach and originally produced in Australia, the sprout pouch has now been brought to the shores of New Zealand to carry on inspiring others to grow their own sprouts and enjoy the love of fresh alive food at home and on the go.

 The greatest thing about the Sprout Pouch is it is made from 100% Organic Hemp, which has natural mould resistant and antibacterial properties to keep your food safe. 

It is a great alternative from plastic and glass sprout jars, which encourage condensation and harbour conditions which can easily grow mould and spoil your sprouts quickly.

The aeration of the fabric, allows the sprouts to drain well, while still keeping the sprouts moist and in a soft, shaded environment to promote optimal growth.

Ideal for travellers, you can have sprouts on the go, from car, bus, boat or simply at home. ​


Just soak, rinse and hang and you are on your way to growing the perfect sprout.

We offer you an easy hassle free way to grow your own sprouts that you will love.

Ramona x 


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